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Our Ghosts

Mercurial as they are, we can't guarantee a ghostly visit, but here's a quick introduction to our supernatural specters just in case you get lucky!

ghost in window

Bishop Conroy was the Rector at St. Mary's from 1884 until 1921.  He oversaw the building of Claire House and lived here for 37 years.  It was truly his house.  In 1921, he became the 3rd Bishop of Ogdensburg and moved to the Episcopal Residence on Washington Street.  Pictured here is a ghostly image of him as a young man, probably age 26. He can be heard walking the halls at night, his distinctive hard-soled shoes making a click clack sound.  We have had people tell us they see a little girl in this picture with him.  Can you make her out to the left?

lady ghost

Skeleton-Faced Lady AKA Mrs. Gardner & Our Little Girl.
Appearing to our oldest son one night, Mrs.Gardner received the nickname "skeleton face lady" because she appeared to have a very thin face with very large eye sockets. She is also known to rattle his doorknob at night (#7), hence the large marble brick he uses to barricade himself in.  When the original St. Mary's Cathedral burned down in 1947, the remains of the priests and bishops buried in its crypt were disinterred and reburied at the new St. Mary's.  However, the remains of the Garnder Family (3 people) were never removed from the site.  The assumption is that their bodies are still there to this day.  This would be on the grounds to the direct south of Claire House.  For this reason, we believe the woman and child are Gardners, but we don't know that for sure.  Our Little Girl is standing behind the lady on the right.  Our Little Girl spends her time on the second floor and has been seen peeking around the servants' stairwell. She has also bullied people for sitting on "Her Bed" - the twin bed in Conroy's Suite.  She's a bit sassy and we love her.


Mystery Ghost who appears to be laughing as he covers his mouth.  There are still so many mysteries about Claire House and its ghostly inhabitants!  If you capture any images or have any supernatural experiences, please share them with us.


A zoomed in photo of the game room taken via drone by Travel St Lawrence NY .  Can you see the 1920s style woman in the window?


A zoomed in photo of the basement wall.  Do you see a white bearded face?  Almost like a Greek statue?  The more you look, the more you'll find.



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