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Built as a rectory in 1884, "Claire House" once neighbored the original St. Mary's Cathedral and was home to the Rector and other priests for 76 years.  When fire destroyed the cathedral in 1947, precious relics were saved from the flames and secretly stored in the basement of The Rectory (Claire House).

In 1960, a new cathedral was completed on a larger plot of land to accommodate the growing parish population.  Soon, a new rectory was also built. The priests moved into the new rectory, and for the next 45 years, the former rectory functioned as both convent and makeshift orphanage - lived in and cared for by the Grey Nuns of the Order of the Sacred Heart.

The Sisters remained at the former rectory until 2005. It was then sold to a succession of families who used it as their home.  During this time, the house fell into serious disrepair.:(

In 2019, Hal and Rachel purchased the former rectory, gave her a new name...and Claire House was born!

During their stewardship, Hal and Rachel have painstakingly renovated and rehabilitated - bringing this beauty back to her former glory!

During the process, they have discovered relics, treasures, and a number of "otherworldly" friends.  Claire House is alive and well, welcoming guests from near and far in the spirit of fellowship, community, adventure and FUN!

If you're looking for unique, luxury lodgings, and you don't mind a few bumps in the night - we welcome you to join us for a glorious and ghostly stay at our North Country Manse!

Amenities & Services

Free Wi-Fi access * Airport Shuttle

Snowmobile Tours* Ice Fishing Excursions

Concierge services* breakfast included

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